I can’t believe it’s already October.  Some quick updates.

1. Had a bone scan of my hips/legs last week.  I meet with the orthopedist tomorrow to find out what’s going on.  I must say though that my legs do feel better.

2. Vocal Chord surgery was moved up to this past Friday October 2nd.  All went well and I spent one night there.  My throat is sore and it feel like I have a huge paper cut on my neck, but it’s healing well.  On Monday the 12th I’m meeting with the ENT to get the sutures removed.

3. I now have a borrowed wheelchair that lives in the trunk of my car.  My monthly co-payment is $6.40.  Not too shabby.  I feel like an official handicapped person now.

4. Today we ventured out to Costco, wheelchair and all.  It was very crowded, but I survived.

5.  On Tuesday I have clinic at UCSF.  Unfortunately it’s with the pulmonologist that I like the least.  Hopefully they’ll tell me I can get rid of my feeding tube.

6. In my last post I forgot to mention that my 1 year anniversary of my 1st transplant passed on September 16th.  Time sure does fly by.

7.  The number one thing that I miss the most about going to UCSF is the free valet parking!