I have decided to stop blogging on my knitting site and write about anything and everything on here.

Yesterday I went to Peter’s Pumpkin Patch with my sister, Jami and Elizabeth.  We picked out pumpkins and did a cheese tasting.  Yum!  My first journey out of the city since transplant.


Perfect fall weather for pumpkin patching.  We look cold!


Cows! 20 minutes before we got to the farm, a cow had just given birth to a calf.  About half an hour after that the calf stood up and took it’s first steps.


A highland cow – looks like a dog or a sheep!


After the pumpkin patch we made our way to Knitterly, a local yarn shop in Petaluma.  The shop is really cute and the staff was super friendly.  I will definitely be back.  For lunch we ate at a place called Cafe Zazzle.


My poor new heart!  I don’t usually order dishes like this, but it called out to me.IMG_0244

And of course, we did a quick stop at Peet’s Coffee before heading home.  Big kudos to Elizabeth who got her fair share of exercise pushing me around in the wheelchair.  Carol being helpful with my cane.


Today I went to the ENT and had my stitches removed from my neck.  My doctor told me to start using Mederma once the skin heals.  She also said that I have a tiny bit of swelling in the vocal chords right now, but how I sound now will pretty much be my voice.  Tomorrow I go to UCSF for Clinic.  My legs still hurt – which is driving me crazy – but otherwise doing well.  The orthopedist pretty much told me that he didn’t know what was wrong with me.  He wants me to get a second opinion from a specialist in Santa Rosa.  We’ll see.

Every year I attend the California Council on Teacher Education conference (CCTE), an organization for all universities that have a teacher education program in California.  At the conferences they have a silent auction to raise money.  I’ve always said I was going to knit something for the auction but never got around to it.  Since I couldn’t make it this year, and since I have all the time in the world, I knit up a few items to donate: a hat made with malabrigo yarn, a pair of wool gloves, a neck warmer/kids’ size scarf, and my mom knit 5 wash cloths in different colors.  I stupidly forgot to take pictures of them before giving them to Jami to take to work so she took pictures for me.  I will post them once she sends them along.