Items knit for the CCTE auction.

1. Hurricane Hat

2. Drop Scarf

3. Sock-It-To-Me-Gloves (links to Ravelry – must be a member to view)

Thanks Jami for taking the pictures and emailing them my way! 🙂  Right now I’m working on another drop scarf for my mom.  She saw the one I made and asked me to make her one.  I’m making it with Malabrigo, the same yarn I used for the Hurricane Hat.  After this I have unfinished socks waiting for me on needles.

Today I had clinic at UCSF.  The pulmonologist was in a great mood and my visit went well.  I did a spirometry breathing test while I was there and my lung function has gone up!  Yay for vocal cord surgery!  The doctor also said that since I had the surgery and I’m able to eat well, we’re going to do a trail run.  The next two weeks I won’t be using the tube feed, and if all goes well I can have it pulled.  Woo hoo! Below is a picture of the tube feed machine/pole and my actual feeding tube.  Pretty eh?


Has anyone seen the new drama series called Three Rivers?  I saw it on tv last night, and I’m not quite sure how I feel about it.  The show is about the transplant center/unit at Three Rivers hospital in Pittsburgh.  Yes, another medical show to add to Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice.  My mom and I watched it, and her reaction was – it’s interesting but nothing like real life.  Well yes, otherwise it would be very boring.  I’m happy more people will know about transplants, but not sure how I feel about how they’re portrayed.  We’ll see how the show develops.