Today we had our monthly knitting group.  We meet on the last Sunday of each month and knit for a couple of hours in the morning.  Ultimately it would be fun to knit at a cafe, but at the moment we’re meeting at my house since I’m not mobile.  Today was our second meeting, and I’m hoping we keep it up.  It’s nice gathering around and knitting together and problem solving.

For today’s meeting Beth and Elizabeth brought homemade pumpkin bread and mom made us Kimbap – Korean sushi, California rolls, and she pan fried leek and pork dumplings.  Yum.  Elizabeth tried on her almost finished cardigan, and it fit pretty well.  Mom got her camera and has been reading the manual.  Of the 6 scarves I’ve committed to knit by Christmas, I spent last night unraveling scarf number 1.  sigh.  The pattern has the scarf knit up diagonally starting from a corner so I couldn’t ‘see’ the width until I had some amount done.  Originally I decided to half the pattern to make it smaller, but it was still much wider than I wanted.

Some knitting humor: