Currently I own the Knit Picks Options nickle plated interchangeable circular knitting needle set, fixed 16″ circs in the nickle plated options, a sock set of the 6″ dpns in the nickle plated options, a set of 4″ dpns in wood, and almost a full set of 7″ dpns in bamboo.  Clearly I do not need anymore needles.  I really don’t…  but I find myself really wanting the Webs Interchangeable Needle Set that just came out:


Isn’t it pretty?  They are bamboo needles in sizes 4-11, and unlike the KP options, they come with 16″ cords!  The interchangeable circular cord doesn’t need a tool to fit onto the tips, the kit also includes the silk case and knitting notions, and the flexible cords come in two different diameters depending on the needle size.  Oh the novelty.  I do not need another set of knitting needles.  This is my new mantra.

Today I purchased yarn for my mom to make herself a cardigan/sweater for a really great deal on Webs, and it took all the effort in the world not to add the needles to my checkout bag.  The joys of being a responsible adult.  My consolation to all this is the upcoming Stitches West conference in late February.  I’ll be staying at the hotel where the conference is taking place for a night, I signed up for 2 classes, and I set aside money for the vendor fair where I’ll be purchasing beautiful yarn.  Every time I want to buy myself something knitting related I remind myself of this.

On the health front, my new MRI is scheduled for this Saturday afternoon.  My doctor emailed me letting me know she spoke with my pulmonologist at UCSF, and she recommended that I stop taking Lipitor for the next couple of weeks to see if it makes a difference.  I guess a side effect of Lipitor is muscle pain.  It’s such an easy fix if this is what’s really causing the pain.  I’m not holding my breath.  I also found out that parking at the parking structure at Kaiser is free with a disability placard!  I have been paying all this time for no good reason.  They really should have a sign posted!  I should have known.  Oh well, at least it’ll be free from now on.  Gotta save those pennies to feed my knitting habit! 😀