I’m afraid to say it out loud… my legs actually feel better!  This is the second full day that I actually feel hopeful and can function on a moderate level.  Woohoo!  Tomorrow will be exactly two weeks that I’ve been off Lipitor so I’m hoping that really is a significant part of it all.  If I can walk normally again by my birthday I’ll be thrilled!

In two weeks another birthday will roll around.  I can’t believe how time goes by.  This time last year I never imagined that I’d be at home recovering once again.  If I can kick this stupid leg pain I could go see Wicked and celebrate the holiday season with ease and not feel worried about being well enough to fly down to so. cal in January for Carol’s birthday.  Must remind myself – one day at a time.

I saw the orthopedist today and his answer was no different than when I saw him last month.  The mri I just had showed that on my spine between L4 and L5 the bone is dry.  Other than that, nothing else seems wrong.  Bah.  I think they’re guessing just as much as I am as to why I have this pain.  Stupid legs.