When I was in high school all I heard over and over again was ‘Get off the phone!’ and when I was home from college all I heard was ‘You’re still on the computer?’  How the tables have turned.  Now my mom only uses her cell phone… land line?  what land line? and she’s on the computer just as much as I am.  Thank goodness she brought her own laptop with her.  She even started her own blog! Remember the barter between Elizabeth and my mom?  She’s loving her digital camera.  She’s learned how to upload photos into her Flickr account, onto Ravelry and onto her blog.  There’s no stopping her now!

In the beginning when I first got home from the hospital we were a lot busier.  We were going to the hospital almost every day, she had to prep my inhaled breathing treatments and feeding tube, and I was on a lot more meds.  Now that everything’s calmed down and all those things have been significantly reduced, I think she has more time on her hands than she would have ever imagined.  Now our lives consist of three main activities: knitting, the internet and t.v.

I think she’s experienced a complete culture change living with me.  She now watches Oprah, Ellen, Dr. Oz and a lot of reality t.v.  – including the food network (she loves the show Unwrapped), hgtv, and shows like Top Chef, The Biggest Loser and The Amazing Race.  She also reads People magazine and doesn’t eat rice with every meal.  If anything, she’ll leave my house a lot more Americanized.


On a whole different note – I have a new domain for my blog.  The address is now  Naturally I tried to get immunosuppressed. com but it’s taken by some internet company that’s ‘holding’ it.  They claimed the domain and you have to pay them if you want it.  Even was taken.  Apparently an actual buisness named Yoo exists.  Who would have thought?