The past few days I’ve been getting chills, headaches, and a low-grade fever.  Coincidentally, my monthly clinic visit to UC was this past Tuesday.  My doctor had me do a CT scan which showed that I had symptoms of pneumonia.  I was prescribed Tamiflu and told to come back in the morning for a bronchoscopy.

The last time this happened my O2 stat wouldn’t go back up after the bronchoscopy, so I was admitted to the hospital and eventually had my second transplant after spending 3 months in the hospital.  This is my big worry.  The last thing I want to do is spend my birthday and Thanksgiving at the hospital.

The bronch itself went well.  The results from the culture samples will be available by the end of the week.  Like last time, my O2 stat would not go back up!  At first the pulmonary fellow told me that I would have to be admitted for a couple of days to make sure I was okay and that the pneumonia was getting better.  Not happy.  Then for some reason he came back a little later to tell me that I don’t have to be admitted, but I had to have oxygen at home.

If anything, the durable medical equipment company is prompt. Around 7pm they came and delivered the oxygen.  I’m on 2 liters and hoping that the shortness of breath doesn’t get worse.  I’m afraid that my lung won’t be able to handle the pneumonia and go into failure again.  I’m hoping that nothing else shows up in the culture.  The last thing I need is another fungal infection.

My O2 monstrosity: