This holiday season I want to do something for charity.  I looked up different organizations in the area and came across Lilybugs.  Lilybugs is “a charity knitting and quilting group that knits hats and socks and sews blankets for the babies and children at the Pediatric Heart Center at UCSF in San Francisco, California.” I chose Lilybugs because, as you all know, UCSF has a special place in my heart, and because baby hats/booties knit up quickly.

I would love for all of you knitters/crocheters/quilters out there to join me.  If you don’t knit/crochet yourself, perhaps you can recruit one person who you know who does.  As an incentive I will take down all the names of the people who donate an item(s) and at the end do a random drawing.  The winner will receive a skein of yarn from my stash. 😀

I would like to give Lilybugs our donations so that they can receive it for the new year.  All donations must be received by Sunday December 20th the end of the year.   If you’d like to participate please leave a comment of what you’ll be making so we can keep a running log.  I will email my mailing address for those of you who want to contribute but live outside of the area.

The yarn for the hats and socks must be machine washable cotton, synthetic, or a blend of them.  They do not want wool because people are sensitive/allergic to it.  It is very important to avoid using any yarn that is fuzzy or has a “hairy” texture.  Also check your yarn to be sure that it does not shed. All knit items must be soft and able to go in the dryer for 15 minutes.  They wash and dry all items before donating.

Below are the guidelines for sizing and instructions for those of you who want to sew a blanket.  At the end  I’ve also included links to patterns as a starting point.  You can certainly make up your own or use any pattern you want.

Hat guideline


Newborn – 12 inch circumference
0-3 mo. – 13 inch circumference
3-6 mo. – 14 inch circumference
6-12 mo. – 15-16 inch circumference
12-24 mo. – 16+ inch circumference

Sock guidelines

Should fit babies up to 24 months in age.

Blanket guidelines

Blankets that can be used in the hospital environment must be made of fabric, such as cotton or fleece.  Knitted and crocheted blankets cannot be used in the hospital.  A few types of blankets that you can contribute:

  • Traditional Quilts – A beautiful keepsake for a child and family, usually made of cotton fabric with a batting in the middle.
  • Satin-edged fleece blankets – You can use a pre-made satin blanket binding, and sew it onto a piece of soft fleece.
  • Fleece tied blankets – The no-sew option!  You can cut fringe around two pieces of coordinating fleece, and then tie the top and bottom fringe layers together in a knot.
  • Lightweight flannel receiving blankets- Useful for swaddling babies.  A square piece of flannel can be surged around the edges to create a finished look.

If the blanket has any ties, please make them of thread or ribbon, not yarn.  The Pediatric Heart Center is a surgical environment and loose threads can interfere with the medical equipment.

The very approximate sizes for blankets are:

25”x 30” for newborns in isolettes
30” x 42” for babies/toddlers or lap quilts for older children
45” x 45” for lightweight swaddle blankets

Pattern links


Quick and Easy Baby Hat

Sweet and Simple Baby Hat

Perfect Fit Baby Hat

Kathy’s Baby Hats

Conehead Baby Hat

Seed Stitch Brim Baby Hat

Little Boy Blue Ribbed Baby Hat

Berry Baby Hat

Cabled Baby Hat

Bunny Hop Two Needle Baby Hat

Baby Crochet Hat

Puffed Stitch Baby Hat (Crochet)

Ruffed Baby Hat

Hodgepodge Baby Hat & Bootie (Crochet)

Ripple Eyelet Baby Hat

Vine Laced Baby Hat


Rowan Socks – Generic Baby Socks

Teeny Tiny Baby Socks

Easy Newborn Socks (Crochet)

Hunka Munka Baby Socks

Crocheted Baby Socks

Lovable Pair of Baby Socks (Crochet)

Ruffled Baby Socks

Better Than Booties Baby Socks

Mary Jane Booties

Magic Slippers

Spring Daffodil Baby Socks

Pieces of Eight Baby Socks

Ribbed Far-Away Baby Socks

Baby Socks

Blue Steps Baby Booties

One Strand Bootie

Baby Eyelet Socks

Saartje’s Fleeglized Booties