On the knitting front I’m halfway done with the Christmas scarves for the lung transplant team.  My mom is knitting some of them for me so hopefully we’ll be done soon.  This weekend I’ll be starting on the baby hats and booties for UCSF.  Carol is buying the yarn and bringing it up with her on Saturday.

On the health front I had my CT scan and Spiro yesterday, then today I had my bronchoscopy and clinic visit.  The doctor said that the cultures from the bronch I had two weeks ago only showed bacterial pneumonia – no flu viruses or fungus.  The CT from yesterday showed improvement from last time, but there was still some gunk down in my lung.

Today is my last dosage of the antibiotics.  Here’s hoping that I get better and better as time passes.  Last time the bacteria came back when I went off of the antibiotics.  I have another round of CT, spiro, and bronch scheduled in two weeks.  The results of this bronch will determine whether or not I have to go in again.  Here’s hoping I won’t have to have them done.

I can’t believe it’s already December.

The count down for Christmas has begun – 3 more weeks!  Every year I buy a Christmas tree, but I’m not sure if I’ll do so this time around.  Perhaps I will buy a little fake tree from Target… I say that every year, but end up with a real tree.  There really isn’t anything better than the smell of a Christmas tree filling the house.  We’ll see.