Due to sheer laziness the month of December has passed by without much posting.  Here are some pictures I’ve been meaning to put up earlier.

Carol and my mom devouring dungeness crabs.  Personally I think they’re yucky bottom dwellers, but they loved it.

Three of the scarves I knit for UCSF’s Post Lung Transplant nurses. Modified version of the Clapotis scarf using Cascade 220 yarn.

The hat I knit for my social worker at UCSF. The Utopia hat using Malabrigo yarn.

Socks I knit Beth for her birthday. Plain vanilla pattern using Blue Ridge Yarns Jubilee.

My wee Christmas tree.  It doesn’t have that wonderful smell, but it’s better for my health.  Boring, but true.  We just have to find teeny tiny lights for the tree… been too lazy to make a trip down to Target just for a string of lights they may not have.

My current work in progress.  They were supposed to be for me, but it’s a little too snug.  Carol Mom will now be the new owner of these socks. Hedgerow socks pattern in numma numma the regular yarn.

So far I’ve gotten 47 baby items (mostly hats) donated for the Lilybugs collection.  If you haven’t contributed yet and you’re a knitter, I’ve extended the deadline.  My goal is to get them to the hospital by the new year.  If you would like to contribute, please click here for more details. I’d love to get a 100 items donated if possible.  I have plenty of baby yarn here that anyone can use if you’re willing to come over and make some.

Carol and Fidel are flying up on Christmas day for a few days.  I can’t wait to give Carol her Christmas/30th Birthday/Housewarming present!  You know if it’s 3 presents rolled into one it’s gotta be good. I’m so bad at keeping secrets!  I wanna tell!!!

On the health front I’m doing well.  Pneumonia is gone, breathing is much easier, and I’m weaning myself off of using oxygen at night.  The next big goal is to start driving since my hips/legs are doing so much better.