I had clinic this morning and was given orders to set aside dedicated exercise time everyday.  So, my faithful readers, I am making a plea for help.  Ideally I’d like for my exercise to be enjoyable.  If you have an errand to run – grocery store, Target, Costco, what have you and want some company let me know!  I could use the exercise.  If you want to walk around the neighborhood with me while venting about (insert problem/person here), give me a call.  Seriously people my lungs need some help, and I’d love the company.  I had a hard time exercising before I got sick… I think it’s going to be even harder making myself exercising while I’m recovering.  If you’re down to go to Kezar stadium, I can walk the track at my pace while you speed walk/jog/run etc.  Let’s get our hearts and lungs pumping!  Who’s in?

Before clinic I had a CT scan which got the stamp of approval from the doctor, and my flows were up on my spirometery test.  And, unlike most visits to UC, today was quick and easy… we didn’t have to wait very long for anything and was in and out of there in just a couple of hours.  After the hospital, my mom and I went to West Portal and had Toro Steak Salad at Fresca for lunch.  Yum!  I think it was the first time my mom had eaten at a Peruvian restaurant.  Chalk up another experience point for mom.

The other good news is that Carol found out my work can choose to extend my COBRA beyond the standard 18 months.  It turns out COBRA ends in November of this year and Medicare kicks in on April 2011 so I would only need coverage for 5 months.  We’re not quite sure what the requirements are or how they determine whether or not to extend the coverage.  Here’s keeping our fingers crossed.

The best news I got was permission from the doctor to fly to the east coast this spring!  Woo hoo!  Carol and I are thinking about flying to New York during her spring break in late March to visit family.  Of course this is all contingent upon health and positive CT/Bronch results.  We shall see.