For MLK weekend I flew down to southern California with my mom.  I finally got to see my parent’s apartment and Carol’s house.  On Thursday evening my family and Fidel went to see Cirque du Soleil’s Kooza.  It was spectacular, though a bit nerve wracking watching some of the performers do crazy things in the air.

On Sunday Carol had her housewarming/birthday party.  The tacos and strawberries were delicious.  I’m really not supposed to eat strawberries (berries are a no-no) but Fidel’s brother has a farm, and they are quite possibly the best strawberries on the planet earth.  For what it’s worth they were thoroughly washed with fruit wash.  It was great seeing old friends, and my cousin drove up from San Diego.  I also got to meet Carol’s realtor.

The trip went well, but I’m very tired.  Getting home was exhausting.  There was a five and half hour delay due to air traffic control issues at SFO.  By the time we got home it was midnight.  I really shouldn’t complain since all we had to do was wait it out, but it really made me mad when the later flight to SF left before we did. SO UNFAIR.

Once we got on the plane, there was a grandma in the row in front of me.  The woman that was traveling with her asked me if I was contagious stating that the grandma absolutely could not get sick.  I told her I couldn’t either and that I had a lung transplant.  I feel like I’m perpetuating the stereotype of those Asian people you see wearing masks in public.  I’m so curious to know what people are thinking when they see me with a mask on.  I particularly wonder what kids are thinking.  Every little kid that passes by me stares wide eyed – especially when I’m masked and sitting in a wheelchair.

In the beginning of February I have a spiro scheduled.  I’d really like to show better numbers.  Hopefully my breathing gets easier as time passes.