Today I exercised in my living room.  On Comcast’s On Demand menu there is a section called Exercise Tv.  There are all kinds of free exercise videos you can watch.  Today I did one called Start! Walking at home with Leslie Sansone: 1 mile walk .  You can also watch it for free on the American Heart Association website.

According to Leslie Sansone, if you work out to the rhythm set on the video, you will have walked one mile when the program is over.  The program is 5 minutes of warm up, 15 minutes of exercise, and 5 minutes of cool down/stretch.  I kept the warm up pace through the video instead of picking up the speed like she did.  Baby steps!

I think overall it was a great way to ease back into exercise.  The video was easy to follow and was just the right amount of exertion for a post lung transplant patient in recovery… no crazy jumping up and down or twisting the body in difficult positions.  My goal is to keep doing this video until I can catch up to her speed and actually walk a full mile.  Not bad for the first go around!