After I got my unexpected retro money I decided to take a small portion of it and treat myself. And, as much as I wanted to go to town with the rest of it, I put the remainder in my savings like the responsible adult I’m supposed to be.

Surprisingly, I did not buy more yarn. Well… I did buy some knitting needles, but to my credit I thought very carefully about what I was going to buy. I bought Kolláge double pointed needles in sock sizes and Lantern Moon’s Sox Sticks. The Kolláge dpns are pretty cool. They’re square needles, and they’re made of very light aluminum. They’re supposed to be easier on the hands. The Sox Sticks were purely a treat… I’ve always wanted ebony wood needles. I was very prudent and did not purchase the Signature needles that I really wanted to try. At $55 a set I just could not justify it. I also bought a Roku player, and my big purchase was a MacBook Pro.

Elizabeth had told me about her Roku player way back when, but it never really gave any thought to it. Fast forward to last week. Carol was here for the weekend, and we were looking for something to watch. Despite the fact that I have hundreds of channels, we could not find a good movie. At that point I realized that a Roku player would come in quite handy. I could just log onto my Netflix account and have a bunch more movies to choose from. So, I investigated. Turns out that I can download an unlimited number of movies from Netflix to stream to my t.v at no additional cost. A one time investment in the player, and I was good to go.

The player is great. Why I didn’t buy one earlier is beyond me. Besides streaming movies from Netflix, I could also buy/rent movies from I can rent movies from Comcast’s OnDemand, but why is Amazon any different you ask? One, I have a credit card that has Amazon rewards. Everytime I use my card I get a percentage back – three percent if I’m buying from Amazon’s website. I then use my rewards to fund my Amazon account. Two, I often receive Amazon gift certificates as presents. The Roku also connects to different channels. I can connect to Pandora and listen to music customized to my liking or connect to my Flickr account and see my photos. This will come in especially handy when watching slide shows and playing back videos to family and friends.

My true splurge was the computer. I’ve had my MacBook since 2006. Sure the battery life has significantly dwindled and pretty much needs to be plugged in almost all the time, and the case has cracks and subtle small missing pieces from the edges, but it functions fine and still has plenty of space left on it.  So I really didn’t need a new computer.  Oh, but I really wanted one when I saw that Apple released a new updated version in April.  I wistfully thought, wouldn’t that be nice.  Then I got my unexpected bonus.  Then my friend’s husband who works at Apple offered his 15% discount.  Sold!  Love, love, loving it.