Carol, Fidel and Peets drove up today. Mom flies down on Monday. In a few days Fidel and Peets will be driving back down. On the 8th, Carol flies down and mom flies back. On the 10th two of my aunts will be flying here to visit for a week.  Carol will fly back up for a few days while the aunts are here.  It will be nice having company.

Fidel has kindly brought over a flat of strawberries.  One of his brothers runs a farm. He grows the BEST strawberries I have ever eaten in all my life. Each strawberry is like a burst of sugar in your mouth. I don’t know what it is that makes them so great – a magic fairy that sprinkles delicious powder over them at night? Secret sugar in their irrigation water?! Unlikely. Whatever the Mora magic may be, every single Mora strawberry I’ve ever eaten has been scrumptious.  If you are ever in southern California and would like to purchase said strawberries, the farm is on the NW corner of Mountain Ave and Walnut Ave in the city of Chino.