This morning was our monthly knitting group.  Carol and Jami worked on their scarves while Elizabeth worked on her blanket and I worked on a baby shower gift.  For lunch mom made us fresh spring rolls and Korean style sushi.  For dessert we had cherries and Mora strawberries.

Today was a beautiful day so we decided to take advantage of the weather. We took Peets to the ultimate dog park – Fort Funston.  I think Carol loved the park just as much as Peets did – if not more! We saw all kinds of dog: a mastiff, great dane, American bull dog, cocker spaniel, dalmation, pit bulls, labs, huskies, a yorkshire terrier, a westie, and all sorts of other breeds and mixes from the smallest that was about the size of an adult foot to the 240 pound mastiff (!).

Fort Funston is part of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area.  It’s a stretch of coastal headlands, sand and dunes just south of Ocean Beach.  It’s also a Hang-III (intermediate) hand gliding site with a launch area and viewing deck.  It was really cool seeing the people flying overhead.

Tomorrow I have labs in the morning and mom will be flying down to southern California for the next week and a half.  In the afternoon we’ll probably run errands.  On Tuesday I have to see a respiratory therapist at Apria health care.  Hopefully this means I’ll be able to get a more efficient portable oxygen tank.  On Thursday I have physical therapy in the afternoon.  Other than these commitments we plan on eating well and enjoying the summer days.