Today I went to see a respiratory therapist at Apria health care and got a conserver! So excited. A conserver is this thing that screws onto the portable tank which, surprise!, conserves oxygen. Instead of a constant flow it only puts out oxygen when I intake air when breathing.

I also received 3 smaller oxygen tanks called B Cylinders. The only downside of these is that when they’re empty I need to call customer service and have them come over and swap them out for full ones because they’re not refill-able at home. I don’t know if I’m going to be allowed to keep the larger refill-able portable tank I already had. The benefit of keeping the bigger one is that with the conserver, it lasts even longer since it hold that much more than the B sized one.

With this exciting news, I got tickets to see Wicked. FINALLY! I originally had tickets back in 2008, but couldn’t go because I was too ill. I can’t wait!