I can’t remember exactly when I started subscribing to Netflix, but it was right around when Spirited Away came out on DVD, which if I recall correctly was in 2003. I’m pretty sure it was one of the earlier movies that I borrowed.

Back then brick and mortar video rental shops were still surviving (if by a thread), and Netflix was a relatively new concept.  I could keep the movie for as long as I wanted? No late fees? A dvd in my mailbox with a two day turn over?  Pre-paid envelopes? How could I not subscribe?

Since then, Netflix has upped the number of titles they carry and started streaming movies instantly. Most recently Netflix really expanded their instant streaming when they made a deal with three major studios.  For $10 a month I can stream unlimited movies and shows to my tv/computer and borrow one DVD at a time as often as I want.  Totally worth it.

LOST is one of several tv shows available on instant streaming.  My desire to watch LOST didn’t start until the series was almost over.  Since I pretty much missed the boat when it was on tv, I decided to wait and watch them on DVD.  I am on episode 14 of season one, and I’m hooked.  It seems most people who stopped watching the show abandoned ship after season three, but I’ve been told it’s worth sticking it out to the end.

Another great tv series that I watched is Firefly.  My cousin Ed recommended it to me when he first asked me to make him a hat from the show.  When I looked it up, there appeared to be a huge following of the show and of Nathan Fillion/Joss Whedon. There’s even a Ravelry group about it! Sadly it was one of those shows that never finished out the first season.  There are 14 episodes and a movie. It’s clever, imaginative and funny.  If you haven’t seen it, check it out.

The last series I want to mention is Out of the Wild, An Alaskan Experiment done by the Discovery Channel.  My cousin Jay recommended it to me when he came to visit earlier this summer.  It’s about 9 people who are dropped off in the wilderness of Alaska and they have to survive out in the wild until they can find civilization.  Granted there is a camera crew and on-site emergency medical care and they could press a button and be picked up on the spot if they wanted out, but it was really interesting to watch people hunt for their own food and form a bond with strangers.  There is no million dollars at the end or a great prize.  The people just did it to challenge themselves.  Perhaps it’s so fascinating to me because I am 100% a city girl and would NEVER sign up to do something like that.

What tv series/movies have you really enjoyed?