When I first meet Beth she wasn’t a knitter.  She asked me if I’d knit her a stuffed animal to look like her West Highland Terrier, Buddy.  I told her that I’d make one for her when she had a baby.  Well, the time has come.  Her baby girl is due in a little over a month.

Initially I contemplated making her that stuffed dog, but I figured a practical gift would be more useful.  Plus, her baby won’t fully appreciate it until she’s older anyway, so I knit her a blanket instead.  I promised her I’d knit the stuffed animal when her daughter turns one.

When I knit people gifts I try to make something that matches the recipient.  Since we haven’t met the baby yet, I looked for something to reflect Beth’s vibrant personality.  I wanted something fun but practical.  I ended up choosing Joseph’s Blankie of Many Colors from the book Mason-Dixon Knitting by Kay Gardiner and Ann Shayne.  I used Berroco’s Pure Pima yarn.  I chose it because you can machine wash cotton and this particular yarn is soft with many colors to choose from.

The colors I used:

2206 Curry
2217 Limelight
2220 Porcelain Green
2223 Seafoam
2227 Sprout
2230 Mellow Rose
2232 Coral
2233 Burnt Orange
2234 Char
2236 Nectar
2238 Cantaloupe
2243 Barely Blue
2245 St. Barts
2246 Delft
2250 Lavender Lustre
2252 Mazarine
2254 Sachet
2255 Baton Rouge
2256 Mauve Wood
2263 Caneel Bay
2268 Dutch Blue

(…Many thanks to Carol for winding all the skeins into balls for me!)