The results from my bronch are in, and they’re not good.   The stenotrophomonas is STILL there.  Big surprise.  I’ve been put back on Minocycline.

I’ve also learned that my lungs seem to be swimming in some sort of liquidy, oily substance.  They think I’m asperating, and this is why my lung function has gone down.  Now I have to go to the ent to check on the vocal chord surgery I had last year and do a barium swallowing test.

I’m thinking it probably has to do with all the throwing up I’ve been doing because of Septra. Thankfully they changed it so I don’t have to take Septra anymore.  I’m going to start some sort of monthly inhaled treatment instead, which of course I need to learn at the hospital.

Let the fun begin.

(My attempt to see the silver lining – at least I don’t have to be admitted.)