After physical therapy I came home to a box waiting for me at my front door.  I was surprised to see that it was a care package from Chris!  I first met Chris at UCSF in 2008 when I first got ill.  I wrote about his sister in this post.

Inside were all sorts of goodies and Halloween treats.  He also included fun stuff from his brother-in-law/sister’s restaurant Fritz in Kansas City.  What amazed me about it, besides the novelty of the train food drop off system, was how inexpensive the food is!  I know the cost of living in SF is high, but seeing the amounts written on the menu really put things into perspective.

The package also had a bag of Cherry Mash candy which is also local to where he’s from.  The candy was quite interesting.  I had not had it before.  Apparently Alton Brown tried it on his show Feasting on Asphalt and said the flavor was good but the color of the candy is not found in nature except in poisonous frogs in the Amazon forest.  As soon as I bit into the candy I knew exactly what he meant.  It’s not something I would rave about, but it’s not bad.  It sort of tastes like a nuttier version of the chocolate covered maraschino cherries you find during the holidays.

My favorite things in the package were the pez dispensers and the gigantic bag of dumdums.  Thanks Chris for making my day.  What a treat! 😀