I never know how to answer when people ask me where I’m from.  I was born in NY, but I don’t identify myself as a New Yorker.  I spent my childhood there so my memories are of random elementary school experiences and playing with my sister and my cousins.

I spent my formative years in southern California, but I would never say I was from the LA area.  I moved there in the 8th grade and in the five years that I lived there, I never felt like I fit in.  Upland was a complete culture shock.  Needless to say I got the hell out of Dodge as soon as I graduated high school.

And while I consider San Francisco to be my home, I’m not from here.  I didn’t move here until I was nearly 18 years old.  I’ve been thinking about this recently, because I’m about to move.  Again.  I’ve moved so many times it’s borderline ridiculous.

I first came to San Francisco 15 years ago this past August.  In the 15 years that I have lived here, I have lived in 10 different places.  I will be moving into my 11th apartment at the end of the month.  It may seem like I’m a restless soul who can’t stay in one place, but due to random circumstances this will only be the second time that I have voluntarily moved.

The apartment I’m moving into is in the back of my building on the second floor and only has one shared wall.  The place is quiet and bright.  My landlord offered me the place at the same rent that I’m paying now.

My only concern was the extra stairs I would have to climb.  In the long run the exercise is good for me, but I can foresee hard times upon coming home from a hospital stay.  Despite this I am taking my landlord up on the offer.  Who in their right mind would pass up an opportunity like this?  The downfall for my mother is that she can no longer spy.  The windows in the apartment do not face the street.

The apartment is just a touch bigger than mine.  I think I’m actually losing some closet space, but I like the layout better.  My landlord is putting in a new fridge and dishwasher so hopefully my electric bill will go down some with the energy efficient appliances.