It seems I’m one of very few who haven’t had any beef with Comcast. I have had service with them for over eight years with no major problems.  I’ve never had my cable go out or had internet connection issues in the many apartments I’ve lived in.  *Knock on wood.*

Every time I’ve called them to change my plan or to ask about a bill I’ve been lucky to get a competent customer service representative.  And, the service technicians who’ve come to my house have always been courteous and professional.

Today was no exception.  It was odd seeing the cable guy in a jumpsuit that practically glowed, probably because it had been raining, but he won mother’s approval when he took the time to cover his shoes with the paper slipper without being asked.  He came during the two hour window and had the tv and internet up and running without any fuss.

My only complaint about Comcast is that they’re not cheap.  Sometimes I think about switching to find a less expensive option, but I’m too lazy.  There is something to be said about if it ain’t broke…