1. The winner of the giveaway is Sandi!  Congratulations!  Feel free to drop by whenever to get your yarn.

2. My new sofa was delivered today.  I think my mother has officially stopped fussing and organizing and has finally deemed everything to be in it’s right place and all settled.

3. This week’s People has Prince William and his girlfriend Kate on the cover.  For some odd reason, I’m fascinated by them.  According to the magazine they’ve been dating for eight years with a few breaks in the mix and will be engaged soon.  I’m not one to typically linger over the details of famous people, but whenever I hear or see anything about Prince William or Prince Harry my ears perk up.  Perhaps it’s because their mother’s death was so tragic, and I always felt so sad for them.  When Princess Diana died, I had just moved into the on-campus apartments.  I was with my roommate in our room when our other housemates yelled for us to come watch the news. I just remember thinking how horrible it all was.

4.  I got to thinking about some of my old roommates. You would think the more people you lived with the harder the situation would be, but that wasn’t the case.  Out of all my living situations, my favorite was when I lived with Larry, Jesse, and Julie and later Sharee after Julie moved out.  I wonder how they’re all doing now.  Sadly I have lost touch with all but one.  I wish there was some way to look them up; unfortunately I don’t remember their last names.

5. I finished LOST a few weeks ago… maybe a little bit longer than that.  In any case, I haven’t decided if I like how the story developed.  I would definitely say that the first season was my favorite, and that it’s worth watching until the end.

6. I am now watching Dexter.  Yesterday I saw the first episode.  I gotta say it was pretty creepy, but very engaging.

7. My knitting has really gotten waylaid.  I’m still working on the 2 socks that I started in September, and I have a scarf on hold.

8. I saw Ina Garten making rum raisin truffles on the Food Network the other day and was inspired.  She made it look so easy.  I want to give it a try when Carol comes up for a few days in November.  If all goes well perhaps I can make them for Christmas presents.  I truly am trying my best not to knit anyone anything for Christmas this year.  I know I say that every year, but this year I really mean it.  Really.

9. I’ve been craving beignets.  Nothing like deep friend dough covered in sugar.  Anyone willing to bring me some?

10. Go Giants!