Those of you who are in my everyday life know that I am not one to hold my tongue about various political and social issues. While I’ll be the first to let you know exactly how I feel, I’d like to think that I am able to set aside differences and agree to disagree with the people I truly care about.

However, when I’m online I make a concerted effort to stay out of heated discussions in various forums.  It’s just not worth the effort with people who are, essentially, a bunch of strangers.  And while I may ‘like’ someone’s posting on Facebook, I generally refrain from putting blatantly one sided comments and links on my wall simply to avoid as much drama as possible.  I know people from all walks of life with all types of social, political and religious views.  The last thing I want is people bickering and getting their feelings hurt.

I tell you all this because so far I have stayed clear of controversial issues on this blog.  Largely because there really hasn’t been anything I wanted to write about.  And while this may not be drama inducing, I decided to post about tomorrow’s election.

California is one of 37 states voting for a new governor tomorrow.  You don’t need to live here to know that California is in a sad state (ha!).  Unfortunately, Schwarzenegger was voted into office when Davis was recalled in 2003.

I thought the recall was absolutely ridiculous.  According to the SF Chronicle, “The Bay Area appeared to be the only region of the state that did not vote to oust Davis. While the recall appeared to be winning by about 10 percentage points statewide, San Franciscans voted against it 4 to 1.”  ☞ Points to herself.

Then to have Schwarzenegger be the next governor added insult to injury.  Seriously, people?!  While this has nothing to do with anything except that it pissed me off, his signature is permanently etched into my master’s degree.  And then by the grace of ridiculous people, he was voted in for a second term.

It’s finally time to vote in someone new, but I’m so sad to report that once again I have very little confidence that our wonderful state of California will get any better.  The two major candidates running are Meg Whitman and Jerry Brown.  Need I say more?  While I shake my head, I can understand the lack of promising candidates – I wouldn’t want to govern California either.

Every time an election approaches we are inundated with flyers, television ads and phone calls.  Is it me, or is it getting worse and worse as the years pass?  Thankfully I don’t have a land line so my phone hasn’t been ringing off the hook, but I think there’s a forest worth of election material in the recycle bin for my building.  The television ads are the worst; they’re downright nasty.  It’s hard to respect anyone who’s willing to vilify and defame their opponent.  Here we are, as a nation, talking on and on about bullying and treating others well.  Yet, it’s just fine and dandy to broadcast such overt bullying because it’s between adults in a political situation?  I’m no Pollyanna, but is it really too much to ask that campaign ads leave out defamation of character and focus on the issues?

I voted yesterday and sent in my absentee ballot. Regardless of what your political beliefs are, please don’t forget to vote tomorrow.

I leave you with a “only in San Francisco” tidbit.  There is a candidate named Starchild, who is listed as an Exotic Services Provider, running for school board member.  He is a Libertarian.