Prograf (tacrolimus) and CellCept (mycophenolate) are two of my anti-rejection meds that I take everyday.  These meds have a whole lot of side effects.  One of the side effects for both is tremors.

When I first started getting tremors in the hospital, it was pretty bad.  I had a hard time even holding a pencil with enough control to write.  I’d like to say they diminish as time goes by, but unfortunately this is not the case.  The tremors seem to come and go in various degrees as my meds get adjusted based on my labs.

When I first started having tremors my primary concern was whether or not my knitting would be affected since it’s a fine motor skill.  Thankfully this was not the case.  What I did not anticipate having problems with was painting my nails.

Before I became ill I had my nails done at the salon every once in a while.  Post transplant I knew I wasn’t going to be able to go anymore.  One nurse did tell me that if I went very first thing when they opened I would be there when the salon was the cleanest and avoid the toxic smells that eventually permeate the store as the day progressed.

Even though most salons claim they only use hermetically sealed instruments and clean the soaking tubs between each customer, I really don’t need to expose myself to germs and bacteria unnecessarily.  How do I know for sure the instruments have been properly sterilized?  Hermetically sealed just means it’s airtight.  Are the little hermetically sealed packet they open in front of you sterilized and packaged all at once with a machine?  Or, does someone handle the sterilized tools and take them to be hermetically sealed?  Anybody work at a salon and know how this works?

My only solution to the nail polish problem is to ask someone to do my nails for me at my house.  This person of course has been, for the most part, my mother.  I must tell you it’s been quite the experience.  Take my perfectionistic tendencies and my frustration with not being able to do it myself, mix it with my mother’s farsightedness (somehow her trifocals don’t seem to help much so she takes her glasses off all together) and her arthritis, and it becomes quite the ordeal.

Carol had given me a small set of nail polish from OPI’s Hong Kong Collection. It had three mini bottles and a top coat in a box that looks like a Chinese food take-out container.  Today my mother painted my nails a color from that set called Suzi Says Feng Shui.  Here are my nails before I cleaned up the sides and put on the top coat.