(I couldn’t resist…)

I woke up not feeling all that great.  This isn’t necessarily abnormal as morning seems to be the hardest time for me.  I got up and went to labs, but it was painful.  I even got the phlebotomist that I like.  Normally she’s great – gets it in one shot and is very efficient.

Today she was either off, or my body was just not having it.  She drew from my hand (not unusual for me), but it felt like she hit a nerve. Then the vein blew before she could get all the vials filled.  She then drew from my left hand which also hurt, but in a different way.  This time it hurt the whole time the needle was in.   The pain in my left hand subsided pretty quickly, but my right hand still aches.

After labs we had breakfast at the bakery cafe that’s on the main level of the building.  I couldn’t believe how much food came with one order! I think it could have fed 3 people.  My mother and I both ate, and there was still food leftover.  I took my morning meds with it, and while my mother went to the pharmacy to pick up an order, I proceeded to throw up and made a mess.  It was awful, I couldn’t do anything but wait until she came back.  I’m pretty sure most of my meds came up, but I didn’t double up.  I think it’s better to not take enough than to overdose.

Feeling like crap I got home and struggled through climbing four flights of stairs completely out of breath and exhausted.  I feel a bit better now, but it was a rough day.  And to boot, it was like 80 degrees here today!  What the hell happened to Fall?

On a whole different note, I can’t believe my birthday is exactly 1 week away.  Carol, Fidel and Peets drive up on Saturday and Mom leaves for Southern California on Sunday.  They swap back on Thanksgiving day, though Fidel and Peets will be leaving before then.  I feel like I’ll blink, and it’ll be December.  I really hope the weather turns and stays that way.  I don’t know if it’s the east coaster in me, but I’ll be upset if winter is warm this year.

My silver lining for the day: I called Comcast and got a courtesy discount of $15/mo for 6 months.