The Fugitive Plan B

I’m in the living room sitting on the couch tootling around on the computer.  Mom turns to the Korean channel on tv; a Korean drama is playing.  I look up randomly and see three actors on the screen.  To my shock I realize that I know all three of them from three different dramas that I have seen.  It seems the craze has crept up on me.  I guess I should be surprised I haven’t seen more of them.

I wish Netflix had some available for ‘instant play’ so that I could watch it on my Roku.  They do have some of the more popular ones, but you can only get them on DVD.  It’s too bad they’re so expensive to buy.

Completely off topic side note: Trader Joe’s Pita Chips with Cinnamon & Sugar – delicious.  I am eating them as I type and had to share.