I’m currently knitting Paraphernalia by Taina Anttila two at a time on magic loop.  (More details on this in a later post.)  As I’m knitting I realize that the leg is much longer than I expected.  Thinking I wouldn’t mind having a longer leg I proceeded without much thought.  Well, I’m halfway through the foot when I realize that I am most likely going to run out of yarn.  Of course now that I look back on the pattern it clearly states 400-500 yards required, and of course I stupidly chose to use a skein of yarn that has 360 yards.  sigh.

Ravelry to the rescue!  If you knit/crochet/weave and do not know about Ravelry, go now and join.  It’s free.  It will change your life.  Really.  Anyway, I went to Ravelry and looked up who used this yarn in this color to make a project that most likely would not have required the whole skein.  I find a handful of people and saw that one of them actually noted how much yarn the project took and how much of the skein was left over.

I messaged her asking if I could buy her leftovers.  She promptly replied back saying yes of course and she would send it to me for free because it was such a small amount.  Woo hoo!  Then I sent her my address and learned that she lives 3.5 miles from me in SF!  She then said she saw that I liked STR’s lightweight, and since she found it too heavy for socks, she offered to give me two skeins she had on hand!

Along with the leftover Nyame, she sent a skein of Tree Hugger and a skein of Lettuce Knits.  Knitters are the BEST.  Seriously, do you know any mean knitters?  …. Never mind, if you do I don’t want to know.