I woke up this morning to a phone call from my doctor at UC.  The team met yesterday morning and talked about my right lung.  One option they talked about was a pneumonectomy.  Because my right lung is in such bad shape, they’re worried that the bacteria will spread into my good lung, and since my right lung isn’t contributing anything, they’re considering taking it out.

I have an appointment on Thursday morning with the surgeon.  According to my doctor, options will range from keeping the lung and continuing to treat it with meds, to removing a part of my lung, to removing the entire lung.  I’m hoping that they can do it using video assisted thoracotomy since it’s less invasive, but if they’re taking out the entire lung they’ll probably have to do it the old fashioned way.  I won’t know until I meet with the surgeon.  As they say… expect the worse, hope for the best.

One part of me is exasperated with all the freaking surgeries.  Let’s see how many times we can invade Susan’s thoracic cavity!  Another part of me just wants the damn thing out.  Take it!  I don’t want a useless organ sitting there just giving me grief.

How come I get to be the person who gets PH out of the blue and then has to have a transplant only to have the lungs fail and then have to re-transplant but then can only get one new lung because of the risk of transplanting the other is too high and then end up possibly needing a pneumonectomy?