Pattern: ‘Vog On by Aleta Fera   Yarn: Wollmeise 80/20 Twin: We’re Different in Kurbis.   Needles: 2.5mm fixed 40″ circular.

A while back I promised Maria a pair of socks, and I just finally finished the pair that she picked out (hanging head in shame).  It was my first time making socks in a size smaller than mine, so I’m concerned that it won’t fit.  I found it frustrating not being able to try it on along the way.  We’ll find out when she comes over to try them on.  Keeping fingers crossed!  On a side note, I think these socks are my 11th pair.  Just one more to make my deadline!

I’m about to cast-on the baby blanket for my social worker.  Turns out though that the pattern I had previously chosen is in a Berroco Pattern Booklet.  Usually you can buy patterns online as a .pdf format and download it instantly.  Apparently Berroco hasn’t reached that level of technology yet. If you want to buy the booklet through them, you have to mail in a printed form.  I have no patience for that kind of nonsense.  I called around the local yarn stores in the area, but no luck. I could buy it through an online store, but I would have to pay shipping and wait for days (the horror!).  So, even though I had my heart set on that pattern, I let it go and chose a new one.  I’ll be making Arabesque Baby Blanket instead.  The bonus is that the pattern is free.

I am not one to keep presents a surprise.  I always have the need to tell people what I got them, and I always need to know what someone got me.  Giving me a gift early and saying don’t open it until ____ is like dangling candy over a child’s head just out of reach.  So my friends I feel I must post pictures of my new notions container because I love it so, but it also happens to be my Christmas present to my knitting group members.  I tried to wait but I had so much fun playing with my notions and filling it that I couldn’t resist.

*If you’re in knitting group, I apologize for ruining the surprise.  I don’t know how I was able to keep last year’s stitch markers quiet until we met!

This is actually sold as a pill case.  Personally it’s too small to keep my meds, but it’s perfect for my knitting notions.  Right now I have stitch markers and needles in the case.  I think I’m going to look for small folding scissors that I can put in the orange compartment.