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As you all know I am a Mac user.  While I love my computer to bits, I get annoyed because Apple doesn’t play well with others.  I also love audiobooks.  I listen to them when I’m knitting and find it relaxing to have someone read to me.  I get my audiobooks from Audible.  So, when the public library started allowing patrons to download audiobook from their website, I was so excited.  Happily I checked out a book and got ready to open the file.  Nope, not going to happen.

The majority of the library books are Over Drive WMA files.  While Over Drive has software specifically for Mac, it only allows Mac users to access their mp3 files.  You can’t access the WMA files AT ALL.  I have tried every which way to try and make it happen.  It was a sad day when I realized that Over Drive and Apple are pretty much enemies.  And, of course the majority of the popular/recent books are available only as WMA files.  Of course they are.

Well, it turns out that I can actually run Windows OS on my Mac!  WHY hasn’t anyone told me this before when I was ranting and raving about ‘Windows only’ issues?  I came across this article and was astounded.  Can it be?  Can I now access Windows only products and borrow audiobooks from the library?  Can I?  Windows 7 is currently available on Amazon for $176.99.  This may be worth it.

Do any of you run Windows on a Mac?  What has been your experience?  I’m worried that I’ll be opening a whole new can of worms. I’m not exactly a computer wizard, and I fear I’ll ruin my computer.  If this works out I’ll be thrilled beyond words.  Any advice?