1. I will most likely be admitted for my iv antibiotic treatments after Christmas.  WOOHOO! It’ll probably be at Kaiser, and there is a possibility that they’ll put a PICC line in and send me home with the meds.  Most excellent news.

2. I have put into motion plans to run Windows on my MAC.  I hope this works out.

3. I adopted a solider through Adopt A US Soldier.  His name is Kyle and he’s serving in Afghanistan.  In the info email to me AAUSS wrote, “We can tell by the address that this Soldier is in a remote area, he/she may not get much internet access and they are in probable need of much support. If you have a work group, church, lots of friends and family your Soldier and his/her unit could use all the support you can offer.”  If you want to help with care packages please let me know.

4. My landlord gave me a big box of Ferrero Rocher for Christmas.  That man is too damn sweet.  What the hell am I gonna get him and his wife for Christmas?  I briefly considered knitting a throw for them, but I don’t have enough time, and I refuse to break my no knitting Christmas presents rule.

5. I’m considering making brief ‘how-to’ knitting pages and/or videos for things like knitting without a cable needle, casting on 2 at a time magic loop, fixing dropped stitches/cables/lace without unraveling, seaming using kitchener and mattress stitch, double knitting basics, managing yarn when doing fair-isle, etc.  I started thinking about doing this when I couldn’t find decent web sources/you tube videos.

6. After listening to Coldplay’s new song Christmas Lights, I remembered why I liked them so much.  I love this quote by an unknown author, “Music speaks what cannot be expressed, soothes the mind and gives it rest, heals the heart and makes it whole, flows from heaven to the soul.”

7. The state of Arizona is no longer funding organ transplants.  This makes me sad.

8. My Facebook status from a couple of days ago: I used to think I could respect someone even if they had different core values than I do, but it turns out I don’t. I’m just not big enough, and frankly life is too short to deal with other people’s ignorance.  Why does it feel like my friends are dropping like flies?

9. I really really really really REALLY want some brie.

10. The heart and lung transplant unit is on the 6th floor of the ambulatory care center at UC.  If you look at the photo below, you can see that the building is built so that the perimeter is all windows.

This makes for a great view since UC is already on a hill to begin with.  Here are some pictures of foggy San Francisco that I took while we were waiting to be seen by the surgeon last week.

The span of trees in the background is part of Golden Gate Park, and beyond that is the bay.


Can you make out the Golden Gate Bridge? The pointy dome shaped building in the front is the Conservatory of Flowers.


After the fog has burned off somewhat.  You can see a freight ship in the bay.


St. Ignacius Church.  Part of the University of San Francisco.


Kezar Stadium.  Original home of the SF 49ers and Oakland Raiders, among many other uses.


Solar panels on someone’s roof.  I wonder how much electricity they save.


Someone’s roof top “lawn”. I saw a little dog run around out there but couldn’t get my camera out before it ran back inside.