1. I’ve been home for a little over three days now and have gotten the IV routine down.  I am on two antibiotics.  Tigecycline, which is infused over one hour twice a day, and Ceftazidime, which is infused over 24 hours.  The word on the street is that, at the minimum, I may be able to stop on January 14th.  On the 11th I have a clinic appointment at UC for a follow up, but what’s odd is that I don’t have a CT scheduled.  How to tell if the drugs are working?  Perhaps I shall call transplant after the holidays.

2. Kaiser has determined that I qualify for home care.  I have 100 home visits (when deemed medically necessary, of course) per calendar year so a nurse will come by regularly while I have my PICC line to monitor the infusions, draw lab work and change the dressing.  Which means…..drum roll, please….. I don’t have to go to labs for weeks!

3. I am now up and running Windows 7 on my mbp using Parallel 6.  So far so good.  (Thanks for the fab-o Christmas present Carol!)

4. Janet gave me a gift certificate to Amazon for Christmas.  I was thrilled because I’ve been wanting an excuse to buy the first season of Modern Family.  Not only did I want to catch up because I started watching it in the middle of the season but, the show is just simply great.  The episodes are hilarious with just a smidgen of heart-warming endings thrown into the mix.  I think Moon Landing was probably the funniest episode of season one, though it was odd hearing Minnie Driver speak in an American accent.  I think the funniest episode so far this season was Manny Get Your Gun.  I still chuckle thinking about it.

5. Elizabeth and Jim came over yesterday.  Carol was going stir-crazy being stuck in the house so she went exploring on Irving Street while Elizabeth was finishing a knitting project, and Jim taught me how to play chess.  Being the board game lover that I am, even I’m surprised that it’s taken me this long to get into chess.  I was a little apprehensive that I’d end up proving myself to be dumb-as-a-door-knob, but I think I fared pretty well for my first three games… of course this was only possible with the hints, advice, and guidance from Jim.  Anyone up for playing some online chess with a beginner?

6. Ignoring the popular advice that states one should not drink their calories, I am here to tell you that Berried in Chocolate, one of Jamba Juice’s creamy-treats smoothies, is absolutely divine. Salted caramel hot chocolate with whipped cream and half the amount of syrup from Starbucks is also divine.

7. The past couple of years I’ve been a part of Blue Moon Fiber Arts’ Rockin Sock Club.  Every other month Tina, the dyer at BMFA, creates a new colorway and two designers each write a pattern for said yarn.  Sometimes small goodies, like the tiny stitch markers we got this last shipment, are included.  I originally joined this particular sock club because I love Socks That Rock.  It’s soft, durable, the perfect weight, and Tina comes up with the most gorgeous colorways.  If I sign up for 2011, it’ll be my third year.  I am giving you this background because I’ve cheated on my sock club.  Now, many people wouldn’t say it was cheating, but that’s what it feels like because I’m not sure if I will sign up for Rockin Sock Club 2011.  Who did I cheat with you ask?  Cookie A’s Sock Club.  Now you all know that I really like Cookie A’s designs.  Her book Sock Innovations is the one I talked about in this post when I said I wanted to knit all the patterns from it over the course of a year. (HA!)  Her new book Knit.Sock.Love is also fantastic, and I have lofty plans to eventually get them all knit as well.  When I found out she had a new sock club forming I had to sign up.  There are also cookies involved so you can see how resistance was futile.  She will be sending yarn from her favorite dyers along with 2 patterns she’s designing for the club, one simpler and one more adventurous every other month.  To cinch the deal 2 cookie recipes will also be a part of each installment.  I don’t bake much these days, especially with my lungs the way they are, but boy don’t cookies sound delicious?  Perhaps if one of my friends volunteers to bake me the cookies I can knit him/her a pair of socks in return….. hmm, now there’s a thought!  So all in all you can see how I would feel extremely guilty also signing up for the Rockin Sock Club since I already signed up for Cookie A’s sock club.  Right?  RIGHT?  sigh.  As a side note, not that this has anything to do with anything, but Cookie A lives in the Bay Area not too far from me and is a friend of Cindy’s friend.

8. Nausea is a bitch. I would normally say ‘pardon my language’, but I won’t because it really is.

9. I got a great deal on a Flip video camera.  When I renewed my Audible membership for the year Amazon gave me $100 off.  I am on my way to getting those how-to videos recorded.  It’s gonna be a Fenderson/Yoo production 😀

10. Natalie Dee (1/18/06)