1. First and foremost I am extremely thankful that I am not stuck in mile high snow, blizzards, or torrential rain. Stay warm out there, people!

2. Yesterday mother came walking into the bedroom wearing this big puffy orange jacket with an orange spiral notebook in hand to take notes from my IV bag.  I couldn’t help but give her an orange to hold to complete the set.

3. The other day I was craving a croissant from Tartine (Mark Bittman’s NY Times review), but since I wasn’t going to make it over to the Mission, we did the next best thing.  We ‘made’ croissants from Trader Joes.  They sell it as frozen pre-formed dough.  You place them on a cookie sheet, leave it out for 5-6 hours to let it defrost and rise, and then bake it for 15-20 minutes.  Voilá! – warm, delicious croissants.

4.  A home care nurse came yesterday to check my dressing, take my vitals, and draw labs from my PICC line.  Well, the PICC line would not return blood.  It flushes just fine, but for some reason we couldn’t get a drop.  This is a major bummer since it’s so difficult to find good veins from which to draw blood.  The nurse tried with me sitting up, laying down, with my arm out, down, and all around.  No luck.  Then she attempted to get the blood the old fashioned way, but after poking me three times without any success she said she’d send a different nurse and left.

This morning a different nurse came, and she also couldn’t get blood return from the PICC.  Thankfully she was able to draw blood on her third try from a little vein in my right hand and successfully fill up nearly 7 vials.  Here’s the thing about today’s substitute nurse.  She is a heavy smoker.  You can smell it, see the wear on her face and gums, and hear it in her voice.  I understand that logically knowing something doesn’t automatically equate to doing the right thing.  I know how damn difficult it is to follow through, especially when it’s an addiction.  However, it was so hard for me to listen to her lecture on how I should be caring for my lungs.  sigh

5. I may turn into a chile picante con limone Corn Nut if I continue to eat them at this rate.