I need to vent about my pink socks.  The pair that was supposed to be the twelfth one of last year.  After I finally picked it back up a couple of days ago, I noticed something wasn’t right.  I looked, and lo and behold, there was an error in the pattern that I did not catch. Had I paid attention, I would have caught it and questioned it before I knit incorrectly for nearly 3 inches.  I ripped it out, and when I finally caught up to where I was before the mistake, the freakin cord on my circular needle snapped off at the needle join. The join had been scraping at my yarn so I really can’t say that I was surprised.

These are needles I bought fully aware of their quality not knowing whether or not I was going to like knitting two at a time on magic loop.  It was either buy these for $6 each or ones that are $14 each. Hmm… guess which ones I chose?  Yes, my friends I chose the cheap ones made in India probably by some poor overworked underpaid person without fair wages.  The company is known for superior customer service, so I could have complained and they would have sent me another one, but it would probably happen all over again.  The thing is, when you knit 2 at a time on magic loop, you put a lot of strain on the cord, but I’m using the 40″ ones so it shouldn’t be as bad.  I’ve also noticed that a lot of their fixed circulars don’t have a perfectly smooth join at the needle so it snags easily on the yarn you’re working with.  To be fair, I have two sets of their interchangeable needles which I love and haven’t had any problems with.  The join on those are fine; it’s just those fixed ones that are trouble.

Of course in my frustration, I immediately went online and purchased the needles I should have started with in the first place.  The ones made in Germany, by a very well loved and reputable company.  I should have gone down that route in the first place.  Regardless, I learned my lesson, and I’m waiting for them in the mail.  (Of course I purchased these before I made my resolution yesterday.)

After I get through these socks I have to knit my social worker a present for her baby.  I was going to knit her that blanket, but I’ve decided that it’s too time consuming.  Instead, I’m probably going to make her a hat and some booties or something like that.  I also promised Carol a pair of socks.  She has already chosen the yarn and pattern.  I would also like to knit a small lap blanket or something like that for my landlord and his wife.  I never did end up getting them anything for Christmas.  (Speaking of my landlord, the small three bedroom next door to me is for rent if anyone is interested. It includes garage parking, laundry in the building, and a wonderful landlord.)

I have a few other projects that I’m contemplating. The other day I was flipping through one of my knitting books and came across the most adorable baby dress.  I am not one to make clothing for babies because they grow out of them so quickly.  Blankets and stuffed animals are my usual route.  I don’t know what came over me, but I immediately wanted to make it for Beth’s baby.  I got her measurements, and I’m going to see if I can adjust the pattern to fit her.  The other project I’ve been thinking about is the Lady Eleanor entrelac stole I’ve been meaning to make for years.  I have beautiful yarn that I bought at Stitches in 2008 that I’ve been saving for it.  It’s quite a project though so I’ve been hesitant to fully commit to it.

There just isn’t enough time in the day to knit everything I would like.  How great would it be if I had another set of hands just for knitting?  Never mind that’s a creepy image, but you get what I’m saying.