After receiving ‘are Yoo alive?’ text messages and emails I figured I should get my butt on here.  It’s not like I don’t have anything to write about, but for some reason the motivation to blog has eluded me.

As many of you know, I am a huge audio book fanatic.  Usually when there is a book I want to read I have an internal debate whether or not to buy it for my Kindle, which is much more cost effective, or get it at Audible, which is what I’d really prefer.  This past month my ear buds have practically been a fixture in my ears.  This is probably one of the reasons why I’ve been MIA from here.  In the past few weeks I’ve found myself ignoring my laptop and letting my DVR go to 98% capacity.

Let’s talk about The Help.  I finally broke down and read it.  After hearing all the hype about the book and not really knowing anything about it other than ‘you HAVE to read this!’ I sucked it up and gave it a go.  It is all that it is cracked up to be.  I highly recommend the audio book version.  The three women who read the story did such an excellent job.

I’ve discovered the beauty and genius of Audiobook Builder.  With the knowledge that this could give me hours of recorded book pleasure, I finally renewed my library card – which took a while since I had to go in person to do it – so that I could borrow audio CDs of books.  I love the San Francisco Public Library system.  Like most big city libraries, you can reserve books online for free and have them sent to any branch location you want, and they have a huge selection.   The added bonus is the elibrary, which has a decent selection of audio and ebooks that you can download.

Another distraction has been my phone… let me rephrase that to the games on my phone.  WordFeud is a game just like Scrabble that you can play with your friends.  My phone gives me a notification that the other has played and I can take my turn whenever I want or have time.  If you have an Android phone and want to play, let me know.  The other game I’m obsessed with is Angry Birds.  I’m late to join the craze, but boy is it addicting!  It’s free on the Android market unlike the iPhone (or at least this was the case the last I heard).

Of course with all this book listening I’ve been getting a lot of knitting done.  Not necessarily all productive knitting, but knitting nonetheless.  I knit a baby poncho for my social worker’s daughter, I knit a pair of socks that ended up being a pain in the ass but turned out nicely, two baby hats which did not fit, and one dratted, horrid, time consuming pair of socks that after 4 different starts ended up unraveled with the kinks in the yarn steamed out and re-balled because it wouldn’t even go on past the arch in my foot.  Bitter much?  I’ve cast on the socks I promised Carol way long ago, and I’m alternating that with the scarf I’m knitting for my aunt’s birthday.

Healthwise I seem to be doing okay.   I’m so happy the IV antibiotics have stopped.  In mid January I went in for a CT Scan to check on my progress.  My doctor called me and said that my CT looked “fabulous” compared to the original CT that landed me in the hospital so the home care nurse came and pulled the PICC.  I’m still coughing and I’m still hacking up gunk, but I seem to be trucking along with my one good lung. Thankfully I haven’t gotten sick this cold season, knock on wood.  I think I’ve perfected the art of being hyper vigilant about not touching anything while out and about.

Last week I had my annual eye appointment. My vision hasn’t changed, the cataracts haven’t gotten any bigger, and my insides of my eyes are looking good.  It’s practically the only organ that’s been functioning normally!

Yesterday I went to labs in the morning.  The underground garage at Kaiser was packed.  No parking to be found with cars circling around and around 5 floors.  Since we couldn’t find immediate parking, my mom set me up in the wheelchair and I ‘drove’ myself to labs.  It probably took twice as long and my lungs got a good workout but I made it upstairs.  Not too shabby!  My mom met up with me as I was getting my blood drawn.

On a totally random note – isn’t it so satisfying to eat sunflower seeds? I love cracking them open with my teeth and getting the reward of the salty roasted flavor.