January’s designer for the sock knitter’s anonymous group on Ravelry was Janel Laidman so I decided to knit the Tree of Life socks from The Enchanted Sole. The pattern calls for 2 colors to be stranded and being the perfectionist that I am I had a hard time choosing the colors.  I knit the first part of the leg four different times before I found the combination that I liked.  With the colors chosen and the gauge measured, I proceeded to knit the leg.  It wasn’t until I was working the heel flap that I realized I should probably try them.

THEY DID NOT FIT.  Not just ‘oh I need to gift this to someone who has a smaller shoe size than I’ small.  No, this was a ‘I refuse to gift these to an elementary school aged child’ small.  I think this was because I knit tighter in general when I’m doing stranded color work and also because the 2 different yarns I was using were not the same weight.  After spending over a month on these socks I decided I needed a break from the pattern.  I knit a couple of instant gratification hats and then decided to cast on socks for Carol.

I checked gauge, cast on and proceeded to knit up the leg.  Well, it turned out that these were also too small!  At least this time I didn’t wait until the heel flap.  I swear I think the iv antibiotics that I was on killed some of my knitting brain cells.  I unraveled them and cast on again with larger needles.  I proceeded to knit until I realized in row 4 that I had cast on 2 extra stitches.  Yep, unraveled AGAIN.  I could not bear to start over for the third time.  I wonder how long it’ll take before I’m inspired to cast on another pair of socks.