from Carol

Friends and Family:

It has become an annual tradition now for a group of us (an ever-expanding group) to run/walk the Donate Life 5K each April.  We started this the first spring after my sister Susan’s first transplant, and are now planning for our 3rd consecutive year.  It’s hard to believe so much time has passed since Susan’s first transplant.  She continues to recover from her second transplant and its complications with perseverance and aplomb.

As our team is coming together again, I ask you to partner with us by either joining our team (email me and I will gladly forward you the information–the event is on Saturday, April 30th in Fullerton, CA) or by making a donation to this wonderful cause.  Donate Life Organ and Tissue Donor Registry is a wonderful non profit organization through which many people receive a second chance at life.  You can read more about the organization here:

If you are willing and able, please stop by the following website to make a donation:  We walk, run, and raise money in honor of the donors and their families who have kept Susan with us, knitting, and blogging.

2010 Donate Life Walk