Breakfast I had last week.  Yogurt with Kashi GoLean Crunch Honey Almond Flax, Banana, and Blueberries.  Doesn’t it look pretty?

Changed my nasal cannula. For the first few hours it always emanates the plastic, sterile smell of the ICCU at UC.

Knit Jami a pair of thick home socks for her birthday.  Yarn: Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks That Rock MediumWeight in color KMBFLA. Knit double-stranded using US 10 needles. I couldn’t find a slipper pattern I liked so I knit it using a basic top-down socks construction with a 1×1 rib cuff, slip stitch heel flap, trapezoid heel turn, and short row toes.  Knitting socks with size US 10 needles is a breath of fresh air when you’re used to knitting socks with US 1 and US 1.5 needles.

Got a serious workout taking my first bath since… well, since I can’t remember.  Probably since my apartment on Garfield Street, 2002? Boy, nine years go by quickly. The hardest part was getting out of the tub.  It felt just like trying to stand up after having fallen down while snowboarding.  It’s all about ab strength… which, apparently, I have none of.

Frozen yogurt courtesy of Carol’s trip to Berkeley.  Such fond memories.  Mmmm… pistachio cream.