Sputum culture results are in – I have stenotrophomonas (no duh) and aspergillus (again).  Shocker, I know.  I need to be put back on iv antibiotics.  I had a ct scan last week that showed my right lung is once again filled with gunk.  Apparently the ct looks remarkably similar to the ct scan I had back in December that put me on iv antibiotics in the first place.  This cycle doesn’t seem like it will end… go on antibiotics, get well, right lung feels ornery and once again i’m clogged up, back on iv antibiotics.  I supposed I should be thrilled I had a few months of respite in between.  The goal now is for the doctors to come up with a drug that will maintain the cleared up lung post antibiotics so that I don’t have to continually go through this, but of course I have the strand of stenotrophomonas that’s resistant to every drug on the planet.

I actually don’t mind being on the iv antibiotics too much – nausea, vomiting, upset stomach, headaches… a walk in the park!  The big concern for me is the PICC.  The last time I had the PICC put in they did a lovely job bruising my entire right arm and finally succeeding after three attempts and a trip to interventional radiology that left me with a lot of anxiety and in pain.  I suppose multiple stabs to get enough lidocaine to numb my arm and futile attempts to thread the catheter into my vein over and over again  will do that to you.  If I’m destined to go through all this couldn’t I have at least been blessed with good veins?  I must have done something horrendous in a past life.  All of this will be set up once UC talks to Kaiser and insurance is approved and the details ironed out.  Your guess is as good as mine as to when that’ll be.

Tomorrow I have an echocardiogram in the afternoon.  On Friday I have a left heart catheterization.  I check in at 6:45am and will probably be home by early evening.  If you’ve ever had a left heart cath you know that after the procedure I’ll have to lay still for 4-5 hours to make sure I don’t bleed out.  Oh joy.  Both are routine procedures for my heart.  I was supposed to have a left heart cath after first transplant but it got way laid by complications, then subsequent transplant, and then insurance change… they’ve finally caught up with me.  Let’s hope all goes well.  The last time I had a left heart cath I was immediately dragged off to the iccu and ended up on life support.  I know this will NOT be the case, but it’s still a bit unnerving.

Right now the one bright spot is the thank you card I got from my social worker for the baby poncho I knit for her daughter. I’m so glad she likes it and that it fits.  I’m also happy to report that the cardigan I made for Zoe fit her just like I wanted it to – it’s a little bit big so hopefully she’ll be able to wear it awhile longer.