Auburnchick, a friend who I know online, awarded me the Blog Lovin’ Award.  I haven’t been good about updating my blog, so to liven things up a bit I’m posting the award and seven random facts about myself that I’m supposed to share.

1. Next month I will have lived in San Francisco for 16 years.

2. My biggest pet peeve is when people talk with their mouth full.  I don’t know where I was taught this etiquette, because apparently this is not a faux pas in the Korean culture.

3. As many of you know, I decided not to buy yarn this year due to the vast quantities I already own.  In doing this I’ve come to realize that I value audio/ebooks more than yarn.

4. I have a terrible memory.  I blame it on over exposure to radiation, anesthesia, and drugs.

5. My patience level for people and things that upset me has dropped significantly.

6. I can no longer tolerate spicy food.

7. I haven’t had shellfish of any kind since the 7th grade.

I’m suppose to tag 15 other blogs, but I’m not gonna.  🙂

I don’t have any major news to share.  Hopefully things stay uneventful.  I’ve been knitting the same little hat fixing errors, creating more errors, and then fixing those.  I’m actually enjoying the process.  The hat has become a tool for figuring out to fix more complicated mistakes.

I still have the Tibetan Cloud Beaded Stole in progress – well, not exactly in progress.  I’ve been neglecting it for weeks now.  With no deadline and no one expecting it, the motivation just isn’t there.  Meanwhile, I found a cardigan pattern that I like.  I have a bag of aran weight yarn that I bought after first transplant that would be perfect.  I think I’ll cast on sometime in the next couple of weeks.