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Carol and Fidel are in town while mother is in southern California.  Today I ventured out of the house for a bit.  Remember this post where I wrote about our wonderful DMV experience?  Well, that was a bunch of crock.  I should’ve known it was too good to be true. The lady issued me an id card instead of renewing my driver’s license.  Then, instead of giving me a disability placard on the spot as she was supposed to, she told us it would come in the mail and then never processed the paper work.

We went back today and straightened everything out.  While it was busier and not as pleasant, we got everything we needed to get done… disability placard and temp driver’s license are in hand with permanent license mailed in three to four weeks.  Afterward we had pizza at Amici’s and went to Peet’s for $3 Freddos.  I wonder if they’ll have a deal for August.  We nearly crossed the Golden Gate to go to Pearl’s in Mill Valley, but decided the O2 may not last, so we stayed in the city.

On Wednesday we had a few friends over for dinner.  We can never finished a rotisserie chicken ourselves so we enlisted help, help who kindly brought delicious sides! It was nice having people over to eat and chat.  Having company breaks up the monotony of being stuck in the house.

On a knitting note… I’m nearly finished knitting a cardigan for myself.  I knit the sleeves at the same time using magic loop pulling one end from the inside and one from the outside.  This resulted in a tangled disaster when I had to undo a bunch of rows.  I finally gave in and took my own advice.  I got a zip top bag, reinforced the bottom corners with tape and snipped off the corners. I divided the yarn into two separate balls and feed each end into the corners.

Next in line is a project for Carol.  We struck a bargain.  Since I can’t buy yarn this year she bought me some that I need for an upcoming project, and in exchanged I’m going to crotchet her a set of amigurumi toys from the book:

I can’t wait to give it a try!  Hopefully they come out well.  It’s been a minute since I’ve seriously crocheted.  I also want to weave a new project, but I think I want to buy a stand for my loom.  It’s a pain to weave with it in my lap.

Carol would like to share that she has coined a new term. PDC – Public Display of Clumsiness.   A couple days ago she took a bad spill at Costco nearly knocking down a kid and then today she ran smack into a street cleaning sign.