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On Friday, I went to the dentist.  I love my new dentist.  He’s so kind, and his office staff is great. Best of all, the office is ACROSS THE STREET.  177 feet to be exact.  I just regret I didn’t go sooner.  When my COBRA expires in a couple of months I’ll be losing my fabulous dental coverage.  Carol was telling me about a study she heard on NPR, where they found that people’s devotion for their dentist steams from the Stockholm Syndrom.  I’m not sure this is the case with me, esp. since I don’t fear going to the dentist, but I found it interesting.

I found out that the filling and a part of the tooth chipped off the 2 back teeth (one on either side) on the bottom . Thankfully it didn’t get into the root so it shouldn’t be too bad. On Thursday I go back for the first filling. On Friday they did the inventory of each tooth and gums, took  x-rays, and I had my teeth cleaned. Because I’m immunosuppressed, I had to take 4 capsules of amoxicillin an hour before my appointment in order to prevent bacteria from getting into my blood from the cleaning.

After the dentist, we had dim sum for lunch.  Carol and mom both indulged in their favorites and ordered way too much food.  Despite being stuffed, Carol drooled over a lobster noodle dish that the table across from us ordered.  Apparently it was the special of the day.  We think it was one of the dishes written on the paper tacked up on the wall, but since we can’t read Chinese, she missed out.

Carol flew up and Andie came from Santa Barbara to visit.  On Saturday, Ann and the boys came over to celebrate my three year anniversary. Ann is probably my oldest friend up here.  We met when we were in undergrad, and we also went through the teaching credential program together.  Janet came over to celebrate with us and they played a fierce round of Monopoly.  It was good seeing old friends.