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I knit the Sea Princess for adorable little Lucy, who is turning a year old this month.  The question is –  to line, or not to line?  Here’s an example of how it would look like if I put in the blue lining.  The benefit of lining it is that it makes the garment a little sturdier for outerwear.  The downside of lining it is that it will fit a wee bit smaller, and it would be my first time hand lining a knit item.  Either way I’m just hoping it fits!

To mix it up a little, I’m also crocheting little toys for Carol from the book Amigurumi Two! by Ana Paula Rimoli.

And, last but not least, I’m knitting socks for Sockdown October that I mentioned in the last post.  These will be gifted to Leah because I know she would appreciate them. Let’s just hope I don’t screw it up since she can’t try them on before I bind off.