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I am now a medicare patient.  I got my Kaiser Medicare card in the mail today.  Sad my fab-o COBRA coverage is ending, but elated not to have to pay the premium every month.  It’s making me feel (falsely) rich.

I’m happy to say I don’t really have any exciting updates.  I got my flu shot on Tuesday and went out to brunch with mother.  We tried this new place that opened last year called Sweet Maple.  The french toast was delicious.

Over Halloween weekend, Andie will be coming up from Santa Barbara for a visit again and Carol will be flying up.  I bought a jigsaw puzzle for us to do (yes, I am that nerd that loves jigsaw puzzles).  I’m also determined to have some pumpkin pie while they’re here so I won’t feel bad trying to finish a whole pie myself.

On knitting front, I am almost finished with the halloween socks.  I’m eager to cast off and start on the multitudes of projects I have floating around in my head.  I have a few Christmas presents I need to start on and need to get moving on crocheting the amigurumi project for Carol.