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I knit the Tree of Life socks for mother for her Mother’s Day present this year.  In 6 months time, she wore-out the heel on one of them.  It must be the way her heel strikes when she walks or possibly the callous she’s sporting.

Originally she was going to darn the socks, but I decided to replace the heel altogether.  The hole was too big to just stitch up, and patching it would be an uncomfortable fit, not to mention ugly.  Thankfully the heel flap was unaffected so it was much easier than I anticipated.

First I took sewing thread and picked up the original number of heel stitches and instep stitches.

Then with bated breath I cut out the old heel, leaving a gaping hole.

Then I replaced the thread on the heel stitches with my knitting needle and turned the heel just as I did the first time around.  This time I double up on the yarn to give it some reinforcement.

Once the heel was turned, I replaced the thread on the instep stitches with my knitting needle and set up for the kitchener stitch.

Then I grafted the turned heel to the instep stitches.  The grafted join looks a little wonky because even though there were an equal number of stitches on both sides, I was grafting 2 different yarn weights since I doubled the yarn in the heel stitches while the instep stitches stayed the same.

Tah-da!  All better.