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The weather here is beautiful.  The air is brisk, and it’s bright and sunny.  I know I’m lucky to live here, but I often take it for granted.  Since I’ve gotten sick I really try to appreciate the little things.  Yesterday Carol, Fidel and I drove down the coast to Half Moon Bay.  Along the way we also stopped by the Fitzgerald Marine Reserve in Moss Beach.  We didn’t stop at the famous Mavericks Surf area because there were so many people, but among the surfers we saw a guy paddle surfing!  It was pretty cool… I had never seen that before. We ate lunch at a quaint italian cafe in HMB.  Their gelato was delicious.   On our way home we stopped by the New Leaf Community Market just for a look-see, but I ended up purchasing $50 worth of goodies that are hard to find elsewhere.  Granted, $50 doesn’t really go a long way at a store like that, but it was worth the stop.