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I can think of two noteworthy things that happened in 2011.  1. I did not have to be admitted to the hospital. 2. I knit 6.8 miles of yarn : 30 completed projects.  I suppose this is a good thing as having a boring, uneventful life means I am healthy enough to be home.

The other big news of 2011 was Carol’s engagement.  Fidel will officially be initiated into our family this year.  Here’s hoping I will be of sound body and mind to attend the wedding.

Upon reflection, it seems the bulk of my expenses boils down to 1. rent 2. medical bills 3. eating out/groceries and 4. knitting.  This year I was going to join only one sock club, but I found out about a fairy tale themed one and gave in.  Last year I made a commitment not to buy any new yarn or knitting related items and lasted 9 months.  Not too shabby.  I won’t make the same declaration again this year, but I will make a conscious effort not to buy anything unless I’m making a specific project that requires yarn I don’t already possess.  I can already hear the “yeah, yeah, yeah’s.”

After discovering that I completed 30 projects I have decided to start logging the time it takes to knit each project; it should be interesting.

On a completely unrelated note, I kicked Carol and Fidel’s butts in Scrabble! Best quote from the game, “What’s a gatone?”